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Our 2016 Home Building Project

Click the Image below to see pictures of the house we have built using our sawed lumber

2014 Spring Line

Click the picture to see more of our 2014Spring Line


Post and Pole

Click to see more pictures of our posts and poles

Lumber we have milled that is ready to be used in some of our furniture projects.


Click to see more pictures of some of the lumber we have on hand

Customer Projects

Click to see more projects done, with our lumber by our customers 

Cedar Gate 

Amenity Cabinet Built for Lake View Lodge in Beavers Bend National Park


Click to see more pictures of our furniture


  - Here we have links to sample pictures of furniture we have built, our post and poles, projects our                   customers have done using our lumber,and some lumber we have milled. Look around and get some           ideas about how you could use beautiful Eastern Red Cedar in your home or project.


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